26 September 2012

100 Jugs / 120 Days: #20

#20.  The picture's blurry, but I like the sweep of it.  The left eye is a porcelain doll from a Victorian-era German factory.  A couple of people dig the pieces and sell them on eBay.

I packed the leg with a mixture of white clay.  That clay should melt during firing, and run into the open hand.

25 September 2012

100 Jugs / 120 Days: #16, #17, #18, #19

The past few days have been busy ones:

#16. The broken doll is from a Victorian-era factory in Germany.  I bought a box of broken dolls several years ago, and I'm just starting to make regular use of them -- it's the source of the pieces that have shown up in some of the jugs.

#17. I'm going to put colored glass into the pupils -- it should melt and stay there during firing, but we'll see what happens.

#18. The photo isn't clear, but the irises have painted details.

#19. I like the huge mouth.

Here's a bonus shot of 17, 18, and 19 underway.

19 September 2012

100 Jugs / 120 Days: #15 in-progress pictures

#15 is shaping up nicely.  It's taking a bit longer than most of the previous ones, for reasons that'll probably be clear:

The handle is an arm, with the hand grasping the tip of the jug.  The eye all the way to the jug's right is just an eye.  The second eye is the first letter of the Phoenician alphabet.  The first mouth holds a small stone.

The third eye is the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet.  The second mouth contains a small piece of pottery. . . I found it in a creek.

The fourth eye is a runic A.  The third mouth is going to have a sculpted hand inside, but it's not done yet.

The fifth eye is made of stuff that's going to melt.  There's no fourth mouth.

17 September 2012

100 Jugs / 120 Days: #14 done, #15 underway, others soon

#14 is a bird.  I pressed in the large feather details, then cut in every darned barb.

#15 is underway.  There are 5 eye sockets, 4 noses, and 3 mouths.  The eyes are probably going to get sculptural treatment of some kind, and the mouths are going to contain sculptures or little found artifacts.  The handle is an arm and hand.

Here's the new batch of jugs.  #15 started as the piece at the far right, and the others are untouched so far.

13 September 2012

100 Jugs / 120 Days: 10, 11, 12, 13

Four jugs today, including the two I made on 11 Sep:

#10.  He's a little more staid than what I usually make, perhaps.

#11, made on 9-11.

#12, a reliquary jug. . .

. . . with a secret compartment.

#13, designed for pouring.

10 September 2012

100 Jugs / 120 Days: #9, #8, #7

#9. I tried to combine a few of the things I've been doing recently: careful scuplture, found objects, pupils.  The left horn is a pair of porcelain legs a customer gave me.  The left ear is a piece of pottery I found in a creek in downtown Greenville.  The teeth are rocks and a piece of porcelain.  There's a bit of glass in the neck of the jug.

#8. I wanted to make a rock-eyed jug that'd be functional, so I tried the clay grips.  The blue glass is from a different trip to the same creek downtown.

#7. I'd sculpted the eyes as a demonstration for some friends.  I liked the mouthless look. . . .

07 September 2012

100 Jugs / 120 Days: #6 finished, #7 underway

Another piece done (around a week ago. . . I'm late in updating), and another one started:

I started yet another one yesterday, as a demo for some friends.  We'll see what comes of all of this activity this weekend. . . .

31 August 2012

100 Jugs / 120 Days: 1.5 more jugs

Another jug finished, and yet another one started.

#5 isn't a face. . . it's a butt:

It's probably a bit clearer with color added:

#6 promises to be interesting, if everything works out right:

The horns are broken-faced porcelain dolls, with new devil faces sculpted in.  We'll see how the rest of it goes. . . .

28 August 2012

100 Jugs / 120 Days: three more jugs

Here are another three jugs from the ongoing face jug project:


27 August 2012

100 Face Jugs in 120 Days

It's been quiet around here. Let's fix that. There are around 120 days left in the year. In that time, I plan to make 100 face jugs. I've started with these four (and another three, not pictured):
Here's the first face of the group, minus a few finishing details:
I'll post the finished pieces to my section of http://patton-pottery.com/, and I'll post in-progress pictures here.